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I've been working with IT and data (mostly in the third sector) for about 10 years. I'm a freelance consultant for voluntary organisations and charities, helping them make their data work for them - making data management a benefit, not a burden.

With GDPR now in force, good data management is more important than ever.


Whether it's as simple as creating spreadsheet templates, or as detailed as writing tenders and specifications for full data systems - whatever you need, if it's to do with data, please get in touch for a chat!

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 Managing data in a charity is a lot like gardening. Left to their own devices, data systems and processes will evolve and change, and get out of control surprisingly quickly. Before you know it, the data seems to take on a life of its own, and your organisation seems to spend as much time sorting out data as it does actually doing what it was set up to do.

   Getting a good design at the start is vital, and just as a garden needs tending to keep things in check, so do your data management systems.

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Rob worked for us to bring our data together ahead of a migration into a new, centralised system. He drew together several different Access systems and spreadsheets and made sense of everything before it was migrated. The migration went smoothly and quickly with minimal downtime for our office. Thanks!


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