CRM roundup/links

There are many different CRM/database systems out there for charities, and navigating them all can be bewildering. If you'd like me to help you find and configure a system for you, I'll come and visit you - there's no substitute for actually coming to your office and seeing how you work.

However, here's a very brief roundup of just some of the systems out there, and at the bottom of the page there are some links to helpful documents.


Enormously powerful and configurable, but ultimately developed from a sales standpoint, so perhaps better suited to fundraising charities than frontline service delivery organisations. Not the easiest to use, though the new (Lightning) interface is much prettier than the Classic one.

Good for:  fundraising, donations, membership, HR.

Not so good for:  frontline service delivery, case management.

Pricing:  First 10 users are free. After that, about £30 per month per user.

Implementing:  Salesforce will be implemented by a partner business (like me) so there's variation. Expect £750 per day upwards for a consultant. Do your research and take your time choosing!


An out-of-the-box solution for small to medium charities. Offers basic contact storage, case management and club/group attendance. Add-on module for domiciliary care. Cheap. Widely used by AgeUK among others. Usability sometimes poor and the interface is a bit clunky.

Good for:  membership, service delivery.

Not so good for:  non-IT-literate users, fundraising, HR.

Pricing:  based on turnover and starting at about £1000 p/a.

Implementing:  Charitylog offer their own implementation service from in-house staff which currently costs £495+VAT per day (more in London), but freelance consultants are out there too.


Another out-of-the-box solution, offering contact storage, venue booking and event management. No case management at present. Nice interface. Great integration with third party products (Mailchimp, Xero, etc).

Good for:  membership, contact storage, venue booking.

Not so good for:  case management and frontline service delivery.

Pricing:  three tiered pricing, starting at £500 p/a (limited to 500 members/clients/service users etc), rising to £4000 p/a for the top tier. Flexible company who will adapt pricing if you want custom built components etc.

Implementing:  SheepCRM offer three costs to get you up and running, starting at free (1 month of phone support) up to £1500 for data migration and some on-site training. They also have a few trusted freelance consultants who can help if you need extra on-site help.



Adapta Consulting's Charity CRM roundup (2015). Not complete, but useful reading.