Making your website work for you

Despite the explosion of social media and other methods of user engagement, your website is probably still at the heart of your online presence. People use websites in a way that they don't use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Your website really is like your "shopfront", and it should be simple to understand, easy to navigate and effective.

However, website design never became truly accessible. "The website" is often something that's a burden to an organisation. It has to be there, but it's difficult to update, frustrating to design, or expensive to maintain. Or all of the above!

I can help you make your website work for you. What's more, I can help you truly understand it, with an open and honest approach and plain English used whenever possible!

As well as a background in web and online technologies, I understand the needs of today's charities. I can help you update your current site, design a new one, or anything in between. I can work with all the common platforms and a few uncommon ones too; Wordpress, Drupal, Wix, EpiServer, and many many more. I can also deliver training on how to operate your website, so that you can take ownership of it.

If you've got web problems, get in touch and I can help.

Web training

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