Spreadsheets and reports


Regardless of your database system(s), when it comes down to analysis and report writing, you'll often have to turn to a spreadsheet application to study the data and interpret it. I can help with this, either working remotely or on site. It might be summarising and tidying up data, or perhaps you need to pull figures and charts together for an AGM. Or, if you're thinking about taking on a new database system, you'll almost certainly need to clean and tidy up your existing data ready for the new system.


I can also help you write spreadsheet templates to make reporting quick and easy, so that at the end of each quarter, you can simply import raw data from your database system and the spreadsheet will produce subtotals and summarised figures. Another task I'm often asked for is creating mail merges to take data from raw data in Excel to "per-client" versions on a series of well-formatted pages.

Because my background is in the voluntary sector, I have a good understanding of the issues that surround the data, so when you work with me you'll get far more than just some Excel formulas. I'll be able to help you identify holes or inconsistencies in your data, and make recommendations for improvements in daily work to help improve data integrity.


I can also deliver Excel training for your staff on-site.

Please get in touch if there's anything you'd like me to help you with.

Data Extraction from your existing system

Analysis of data and report production

Identify "holes" in current data

Excel training




Our main contract requires us to fill in a specific Word document for every service user. Between that and our central database I was spending a lot of time double-entering data. Rob helped us create a mail merge routine that takes data from our central system and automatically creates the documents. It saves me hours.

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